Work in progress

This is suppose to be a place to like to this site but that would require you guys to make accounts and all sorts of crazy stuff.But MineBux are things you get when you like on this site with a not ready accounts.You can like every day. Once you get 10 MineBux  you get a villager in the custom adventure world. You get to say it s job, mob (villager or witch)(witches are chefs or chemist), it’s name, and it’s house. Make shore  your being creative or I might not put your  (will be commenting  till MineBux are sorted out).


Hi I want a (villager or witch) named (name) and (his or her) job is a (list of jobs below). The house is going to be made of… The rim will be (block not moded) the roof will be (a non moded slab) The walls to be (non moded block) and the floor to be (color) carpet.


witch = chemist

witch = chef

villager = assistant secretary (there can only be one)

villager = sick person of experiments (they get no house instead they get a test tube thing)

villager = random employee (any other jobs in the lab)

other  human like mobs (enderman etc…) = collage student


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