How to Make a LEGO Creeper from Minecraft

So I really want the Minecraft LEGO set, but my mom can’t find it for sale at a good price anywhere. She says it’s the Hot Toy of the Year. So my mom made me a Minecraft Creeper from LEGOs I already have. Here’s a video of how to make it:

It looks awesome, don’t you think?

LEGO Minecraft Creeeper

This LEGO Creeper has 53 pieces, all of which are pretty common to most sets. Here’s a list of the pieces you need (click it to see it larger):

And here are the step-by-step directions to make your own Minecraft Creeper:


I Went To LEGOLAND Florida!

Manning at water cannon at Pirate's Cove in LEGOLAND Florida

LEGOLAND Florida is so cool! You get to go on lots of roller coasters and do games and see lots and lots of LEGOs. You can see Captain Brickbeard at the water ski show — go early to get a water cannon to spray the pirates in the show. I want to go back there again. I hope you have fun there, too!

[Note From Alex’s Mom: You can see many more of the photos from our trip here. Also, Alexander’s trip to LEGOLAND made it into the Lakeland Ledger newspaper! Alexander also recorded a lot of videos about LEGOLAND Florida, and we’ll link them here once they are uploaded.]

LEGO Space Shuttle (3367) Review and Tips

LEGO Space Shuttle Set, built by Alexander


Ready to blast off into the universe of LEGOs? The LEGO Space Shuttle (model 3367) is a great set, easily put together by younger LEGO enthusiasts in just a couple of hours. The LEGO description for this set reads: “Rocket into orbit on an important space mission! Blast off from our LEGO® City and set your navigation for deep space! Help the astronaut to open the cargo bay doors, then use the robotic arm to release the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit!” Well, who can resist that? We couldn’t! I mean, come on, space is awesome!

According to the Brickipedia entry, the LEGO Space Shuttle set is new, having just been released in March 2011. The space shuttle has a detachable cockpit with room for the astronaut minifigure. The midsection features opening doors that conceal a manipulator arm and enough space to store the model of the Hubble Telescope included in the set. The back section contains three boosters and two thrusters, with transparent orange studs to mimic bursting flames. The underside has fixed landing gear and the wheels actually move.

LEGO Astronaut with helmet, visor, and oxygen tanks

Alexander (age 6) had no problems following the directions and built the set entirely on his own without assistance (the set was rate for kids ages 5-12). It took about 2 hours to build, though we did stop frequently to take photos so it probably would have been a bit faster without that. Alexander loves the astronaut minifigure and the equipment bay doors that open and close. Now that the set is completed, he’s already filled the bay with “treasure” and tricked out the top with his favorite bricks and flags. (Let’s hope they don’t burn up in re-entry.)

To learn more about our experience building the LEGO Space Shuttle, we made a little “build and review” movie that shows Alexander unboxing the set, organizing the 231 pieces, and building the space shuttle step-by-step as a stop-motion animation movie. Alexander also shares his thoughts on the space shuttle and some of its fun features in the video.


We purchased our set at our local Toys ‘R Us store for $29.99, and we feel it was great value for the price. You can also purchase the LEGO Space Shuttle directly from the LEGO store online.

Here are more close-up photos of the LEGO Space Shuttle set:

The nose of the LEGO Space Shuttle

Equipment Bay Doors of the LEGO Space Shuttle

Boosters of the LEGO Space Shuttle

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago: A Trip Report

After a long winter with many happy days spent playing with LEGOs, we decided we hadn’t had enough LEGOs and searched about for something we could do locally. That’s when we discovered the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Chicago, a mere four hours from us. So we picked a day during spring break and drove west, headed for Schaumberg, Illinois (driving directions).

Tip: Before you leave, check online for pass discounts or coupons.

When we arrived, we were a bit surprised to discover the LEGOLAND Discovery Center was part of an upscale mall, but that didn’t deter us from literally racing up to the entrance.

This giant giraffe greets you as you approach the LEGOLAND Discovery Center